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Product Description

One carton contains 12 x 300g packs.

Children now have their own pasta - Our delicious Pasta for kids!

Eating our healthy pasta becomes a game while children play with letters, ducks and other favourite figures.
Pasta for kids comes in small shapes, so children can use a spoon making it easier to eat, while keeping the sauce on the pasta so they can really enjoy their food. In addition, Pasta for Kids offers children all the nutritional value, energy and carbohydrates that they need.
Even more valuable is that it is a Low Glycemic food and Free From several allergy ingredients (including wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy, egg, soy).

Pasta for Kids is a line of pasta made by Sam Mills, as is Pasta d'oro with the same purpose, to be a healthier pasta, all natural, made from corn only.

Pasta for Kids is 100% natural, gluten free and with many nutritional benefits, this pasta is a healthy alternative to wheat pasta, easier to digest and very tasty!
Low in Fat
Dairy Free
Yeast Free
Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Egg Free


Ingredients: 100% corn flour, water.

Nutritional Information

Free from:  Gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, sugar, cholesterol, yeast, soy, sodium and nuts.